Doug Bedell — August 30, 2017, 4:38 pm

Vehicles Becoming Terrorist Weapons of Choice

The times are making us more subject to vehicle attacks, and in need, as well, of more vehicle barriers. What times? Times in which – and this was last summer – ISIS can send “a message to its supporters telling them to run over ‘disbelievers'”. “This has led,” the Security blog continues, “to some reports that have stated vehicles are rapidly becoming the weapon of choice for terrorists.”

“Even more, a hostile employee or contractor could launch an assault on your facility, or your facility could become a terrorist target. In a building complex, it may have absolutely nothing to do with your organization, but your employees or visitors still may fall victim.”

Yes, these are times in which vehicles are being used increasingly as weapons, as in the photo above this post. Include that grim factor in the plans for security protection of your facility or facilities.

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