Doug Bedell — December 11, 2017, 10:56 am

Meet the ‘Good Guys’: White-Hat Hackers

Steve Zurier on the DarkReading blog fills us in on who the “good guys” are in seeking to keep the Internet reasonable free of hackers.

“Most knowledge-seekers,” Steve explains, “have been involved in the bug bounty scene for less than two years and want to learn more. Bugcrowd reports that 63% say they invest their earnings from bug hunting back into professional development and security tools. The vast majority are attracted to bug hunting for the challenge and fun of it and with 69% being ages 18-29, they are one of the younger bug hunting groups. Nearly 56% have either a bachelor’s or advanced degree and 23% still identify themselves as students. Members of this group are serious about the security field: 29% aim to become penetration testers and 27% aspire to become full-time bug hunters.”

So these are the ‘good guys’. Bless ’em.

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