Doug Bedell — February 2, 2018, 4:36 pm

Guards or Not? A Pertinent Security Choice

Let’s take a look, courtesy of Security InfoWatch, at the human side of security. We’re using talking about security hardware or techniques. Here’s discussion of whether protection should be provided by in-house people or contracted to outsiders.

“On the surface,” says InfoWatch, “it would seem like the decision to outsource security to a third party would be a no brainer given the cost savings. But just turning over a function as vital as security to the lowest bidder without conducting the proper due diligence would be ill-advised and potentially negligent.”

First make an assessment of whether a facility is a higher or lower risk. “A ‘high risk’ facility can be described as such based on the following considerations:

• A facility that is open to the public with no access control.
• A multi-occupancy facility that contains several stores, shops, or offices.
• A location with a prior history of numerous reports of criminal activity within or on the property.
• A location that sells or produces a high value items, such as a jewelry store, gun shop, marijuana store, etc.
• A location that has previously contracted with armed security officers for a justifiable reason.
• A location at or near where homeless and other undesirable individuals are known to loiter.”

And go on from here, taking account of the rest of the InfoWatch discussion.

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