Doug Bedell — January 20, 2010, 3:18 pm

Disasters Require Higher Order Skills than Emergencies

A cogent post on the Homeland Security Watch blog advises of the difference between readiness for an emergency and response to a disaster. The latter, as we are seeing in Haiti, is far more challenging.

Security planners will appreciate the differences in blogger Mark Chubb’s listing of the contrasting (though certainly related) skill sets for emergencies and disasters. Emergencies (or merely challenging operations generally) require, Chubb writes, Command, Control, Communication, Cybersystems and Intelligence (emphasizing analysis).

In disasters like Haiti these elements remain, but a more challenging paradigm applies: Clarification, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment and Intelligence (emphasizing synthesis).

Chubb’s piece makes a great tutorial for planners who want to be prepared both for the not so bad and the worst.

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