Doug Bedell — January 29, 2010, 4:16 pm

‘Layered Security’ Still a Key Concept

Ray Bernard writes about “layers of security” in January’s Security Technology Executive and the concept remains a good one. There’s the:

• Outer Protective Layer – natural or man-made barriers at the property line. (What PRO Barrier knows most about.)

• Middle Protective Layer – exterior of a building

• Inner Protective Layer – doors within a building

Ray notes that these three elements are long-standing – they preceded a more recent level of security – IT or computer network security.

And here’s the point: “…today’s technology gains provide opportunities to significantly improve the security layers of our facilities, and so nearly all security technology plans deserve a good review from this perspective. Given today’s economy, many trade journal and security conference discussions revolve around upgrading or enhancing technology rather than replacing it. Most of these discussions are based on technology perspectives. Unless technology perspectives are coupled with a security applications perspective, there is low assurance of receiving the security benefit that could and should result from security technology planning. Layered Security is one of the valuable application perspectives.”

Which is the point we’ve long been making – security begins at the perimeter – the front gate (or back gate, too).

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