Doug Bedell — March 21, 2018, 10:37 am

Outdated Operating Systems a Boon to Hackers

Everybody using computers, including manufacturers, needs to understand the risks of cybersecurity, notes the Threat Post blog, but not too many do, at least fully.

Reference a speaker at Kaspersky Lab’s Security Analyst Summit earlier this month: “Dewan Chowdhury, founder of MalCrawler, said that many robotics that work as part of industrial systems on manufacturing floors are still leveraging outdated and unsupported operating systems – such as Windows XP. Chowdhury presented his research at a SAS session titled ‘Hack Your Robot’.

“Even before the robotics, the issue is that the programs that control the robotics are completely wide open to vulnerabilities,” said Chowdhury.

So watch your operating systems, and upgrade as soon as newer ones are available. It matters.

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