Doug Bedell — June 25, 2018, 4:19 pm

Computer Password Protection: A New Digital Art Form

Computer passwords, those that provide reasonably assured protection, are becoming an art form, as this post by John E. Dunn on the naked security blog indicates.

Here, Dunn is touting a new tool by Microsoft – if you’re a Premium 1 account customer of Microsoft’s Azure AD cloud service or Windows Server Active Directory – to block “password spraying” attacks.

“Called Azure AD Password Protection, the tool prevents users from setting a password from the company’s list of the 500 most common and easily-guessed examples, including around one million of the most frequent character substitutions.”

Anything that lets you use your computer, rather than just sitting and wondering if it’s really safe to use, is worth getting to know about. So give Mr. Dunn’s piece a read.

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