Doug Bedell — June 29, 2018, 3:20 pm

Stopping and Thinking in a Pell-Mell Digital Time

The security sector has been steadily changing over the past decade. While controls over physical entry, such as barriers, remain essential, security has become a digital enterprise, too, with the threats coming from “out there,” that is the Internet.

A blog post by SIA, the Security Industry Association, is helpful in grasping the new context.

“One of the methods the corporate world has devised to deal with rapid, frightening transitions is risk management. Risk professionals are needed whenever a big change is imminent because they strategize how to best adopt change, implement a process that takes account of the risks and adjust the organization’s commitment and exposure according to the developing landscape. Recent examples of such processes include the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies. Organizations that operate in non-regulated environments have been forced to consider these technologies, assess the risk embodied in each one and plan a cautious route towards slow and gradual adoption.

“The sheer speed at which IoT is moving, however, will not allow organizations such time to stop and think before implementation.” This is a troubling thought, because most of us need exactly that – “time to stop and think.” That’s something Barrier Briefs aims to help with – pointing to security avenues where it would be well to “stop and think”. Thanks SIA!

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