Doug Bedell — November 9, 2018, 11:26 am

Firemen Are Becoming Security Responders Too


U.S. firemen are preparing themselves for doing more than responding to fires. How about “hazardous materials response, technical rescue and first response to terrorist events and mass casualty incidents”?

Such duties include training and responding to security threats in a fire department’s locale. A post on In Public Safety advises that “U.S. government agencies and communities are struggling with handling terrorist-style events that result in multiple casualties. We are still determining the best methodologies to plan for and respond to the newest types of terrorist-style events.”

“The United States Fire Administration (USFA),” the post adds, “should be commended for the new focus on research and the use of fire grant dollars to fund research. However, this has only occurred in earnest in the last decade.”

The post has been prepared by Dr. Randall W. Hanifen, a Shift Captain for the West Chester Fire Department in Ohio and a fire service consultant.

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