Doug Bedell — November 30, 2018, 3:22 pm

Mandatory Overtime a Burden On Police and Security Officers


Police and other security officers faced with mandatory overtime duties are risking burnout of their abilities and private lives, advises a post on In Public Safety by Dr. Michael Pittaro of American Military University.

“Mandatory overtime,” he writes, “only adds to an already overworked, burned out, and stressed out workforceStress not only impacts the individual officer, but can, and most likely will, have a detrimental impact on the officer’s personal and professional relationships.”

It should go without saying that demanding jobs should pay equal to the requirements of those who post them, but apparently this isn’t the case in a lot of law enforcement and security jobs. Which can give rise to extra required work for those already employed, and lead to hazards like sleep deprivation.

“One of the most significant and damaging elements of mandatory overtime is sleep deprivation” Dr. Pittaro writes. “Sleep deprivation can contribute to a host of physical, cognitive, and emotional issues. An overtired, sleep-deprived officer is more likely to make mistakes and become complacent. Incidents of excessive force are also more likely to stem from an irritable, short-tempered officer lacking what all humans need: sleep.”

Police and security pay scales ought to be evaluated in terms of what’s fair and appropriate for already demanding baseline shifts.

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