Doug Bedell — January 5, 2019, 8:42 am

PASS: A Web Resource on School Security

Barrier Briefs reports on school security issues from time to time. But we haven’t yet referred you to the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools – PASS – which has an aggressive mission:  “To provide school administrators, school boards and public safety and security professionals with information, tools and insight needed to implement a tiered approach to securing and enhancing the safety of school environments based on their individual needs, nationwide best practices, and making the most effective use of resources available.”

The PASS website is:  Administrators and parents can get a handle there on how school systems are approaching security issues and assess how well their own schools are following best security practices. Start by downloading the PASS guidelines.

One of the PASS approaches is “How to distinguish needed and effective solutions from sales pitches on unnecessary products.” Sounds like a good place to start considering how well schools are dealing with security issues.

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