Doug Bedell — January 16, 2019, 1:21 pm

Privacy Concerns Too Often Overlooked In Business Settings

Security pros, the DarkReading blog advises, need to become familiar with ways in which mistakes in the handling of digital information – such as email – “can lead to some dangerous privacy snafus.”

The post lists seven ways in which this can happen: 1) “Accidental emails”, 2) Misdirected corporate emails, 3) Unauthorized people in an email string, 4) Mobile devices synced to corporate systems, 5) Improper “offboarding” when an employee leaves a firm, 6) Unencrypted data or emails on a corporate system and 7) Misusing savings when privacy is actually taken into account during a merger or acquisition.

Clearly, privacy concerns are becoming a major corporate
checkpoint, or should be, in this digital age.

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