Doug Bedell — January 22, 2019, 3:33 pm

Partial Federal Shutdown Hurting Security Contractors

Security contractors aren’t impervious to the effects of a lengthy federal government shutdown, a partial one or not. That’s the word from Security Infowatch.

“The security industry is starting to feel real effects from the government shutdown, particularly for companies doing business with the federal government, or on federally-funded projects,” explains Jake Parker, Director of Government Relations for the Security Industry Association (SIA). “In some cases, companies are not able to maintain contact with government procurement, security and IT personnel needed to initiate or continue work on security projects. Many websites that provide critical information are not being updated.”

“That is disconcerting news for security companies who depend on cash flow from their government contracts to keep them and their employees afloat. “What started off as the potential for an extended holiday break for some has turned into a grave scenario for large and small federal contractors,” says Derek Radoski, President of The Integration Company (TIC).”

We’re beginning to realize how much federal government and private businesses and contractors depend upon each other.

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