Doug Bedell — February 4, 2019, 12:14 pm

Dwindling Police Recruits Leave Communities Less Secure

Community security requires an adequate police presence, whether on foot or readily available by telephone and vehicle. Yet, In Public Safety advises, policing is actually “a profession in crisis”.

“Recruiting and retaining qualified police officers,” writes Nicole Cain, a faculty member in criminal justice at American Military University, “is one of the greatest challenges facing law enforcement leaders. Low pay, antiquated hiring practices, negative public perception, high attrition rates, exposure to chronic stress and trauma, and increasing responsibilities all contribute to the downturn in the number of police applicants. Many agencies report that the quality of applicants has also lowered significantly…”

And Baby Boomer police officers are retiring. As a result, many communities are faced with a thinning blue line of police protection.

Cain offers his thoughts on recruiting and training qualified police officers. Yet, because it’s off most people’s radar, a protection problem grows. Community awareness of what it takes to be safe and secure is a paramount need. How do we relate as communities any more? The evening TV news doesn’t suffice for that.

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