Doug Bedell — February 11, 2019, 5:40 pm

Security Information Officers Subject to Burnout

Protecting the security and validity of computer-based information is becoming an ever more stressful role, a post by Marc French on the Security magazine blog advises.

“Having been a CISO now for a few years,” French writes, “I can relate to the occasional challenges. Late nights/weekends, internal stress, board presentations, breaches, media… the list goes on. That said, when looking at the details further, it just wasn’t the head of the group that was departing, but the rank and file members as well. This was rather unexpected.”

Despite high demand, pay and regard, the stress of maintaining information security is growing. “Working nights,” French adds, “the stress, the constant response to crisis, all contributed to me leaving the position and pursuing a career in tech. Interestingly, many of the reasons I had left the police force seem to translate over to struggles infosec professionals are facing.”

And French had previously been a law enforcement officer.

Treasure the information you see on your screens, and be mindful of what it takes to keep it secure.

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