Doug Bedell — February 15, 2019, 4:11 pm

Here’s a Self-Sailing Ship to Roam the Seas Without a Crew

We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars, but how about a self-sailing ship? Yep, there must be security benefits, certainly savings in crew costs, from the story of the Sea Hunter, a 132-foot-long self-driving ship that sailed between San Diego and Peal Harbor last month, as reported by the Defense Tech blog. The Sea Hunter, an autonomous trimaran, has been developed “for submarine hunting and counter-mine missions.” It was accompanied by an escort vessel whose crew members came aboard “for short durations to check electrical and propulsion systems.”

“The Office of Naval Research (ONR), which led the test transit to and from Hawaii, declined a request for an interview, citing operational security concerns.” There’s more to read about the Sea Hunter in the Defense Tech post, but we’re already alerted that there’s a ghostly new way to roam the seas at hand.

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