Doug Bedell — February 27, 2019, 2:32 pm

When Budgets Are Tight, Security Deserves Priority

There’s a possibility, writes Karen Trigg on Security InfoWatch, that tight budgets in an enterprise can be harming its security status – something like skimping on fire safety standards.

The post is written in a British setting, but the insights come down to taking security very seriously, as a top priority.

“This can include assessing current protocols so you can work out what needs altering or improving,” Ms. Trigg writes. “One aspect that’s often overlooked is how all occupants within a building are integral to the success of safety and security. This is the one area which doesn’t require large budgets but is perhaps one of the most effective and important aspects.”

Whatever the state of a budget, it’s what you give priority to that matters, what staff members see as a pressing need. Security certainly fits that definition; it needs to be a living one.

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