Doug Bedell — March 4, 2019, 7:36 pm

First Responders Face Risks Requiring a Fair Response

Stresses encountered by firemen, policemen and other first responders to emergencies may cause psychological as well as physical injuries. A post on In Public Safety notes that, due to such injuries, “responders may be unable to function as they did prior to the traumatic event and may need to retire altogether from their profession.”

That’s not what responders expected in their devotion to duty. “However, psychological injuries often don’t receive the same attention or compensation options as physical injuries.”

Recognizing the risks to rescuers, the post urges that compensation limits be reviewed in light of such hazards. Doing good can be hurtful and just amends are in order. At such times, responders’ benefits should be viewed as coming from a treasury of obligation and gratitude.

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