Doug Bedell — March 13, 2019, 8:54 am

Schneier: ‘Privacy Still Not Facebook’s Highest Priority’

Bruce Schneier discusses whether Facebook is feckless over privacy. It’s hardly a close call. “Facebook users have limited control over how their data is shared with other Facebook users and almost no control over how it is shared with Facebook’s advertisers, which are the company’s real customers…

“The company could give people better control over how — and whether — their data is used, shared, and sold. For example, it could allow users to turn off individually targeted news and advertising. By this, we don’t mean simply making those advertisements invisible; we mean turning off the data flows into those tailoring systems. Finally, since most users stick to the default options when it comes to configuring their apps, a changing Facebook could tilt those defaults toward more privacy, requiring less tailoring most of the time.”

There’s more, all of which leaves one less than comfortable about using Facebook.

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