Doug Bedell — March 15, 2019, 12:53 pm

New Zealand, Too, a Stage for Terrorism

The reach of terrorism ends who knows where, when you consider that Christchurch, New Zealand, has just been struck by terror attacks on two mosques there, with 49 killed and scores more injured.

This hard-to-take information comes on In Homeland Security, in a Washington Post story by Isaac Stanley-Becker, who notes that “Portions of the ghastly attack at the downtown mosque were broadcast live on social media by a man who police confirmed had also released a manifesto railing against Muslims and immigrants.”

Wired advises that the attacker posted warnings on social media and live-streamed the rampages, footage that went viral – it’s still hard to detect such material and take it down as it appears.
The whole world, it appears, is an arena for Internet-enhanced thuggery. Be mindful, and alert.

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