Doug Bedell — March 18, 2019, 4:41 pm

Security and a Vexing Question of U.S. Army Readiness

On Homeland 411, a post on how the U.S. Army is facing, or not, the challenge of rapid expansion, should that be necessary, is a challenging bit of national security analysis.

“Where prior generations of U.S. Army leaders were routinely expected to grow and deploy the Army over the course of months, the modern U.S. Army sees expansion as something requiring years,” the piece advises. “Indeed, listening to some Army leaders one gets the impression that rapid expansion is an unwanted ability, since it would give the congress justification to cut Army end-strength without incurring significant risk.”

Remember the post-World War II era of the draft and eight weeks of basic training? That’s how the Army “breathed” in those days. And it was at-the-ready. A challenge of today’s security situation is how much is “ready”, ready or not?

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