Doug Bedell — April 15, 2019, 7:01 pm

Mental Resilience Needed for Security Heroics

We seem to be encountering a lot of information, and concern, for a possibly overlooked aspect of security preparedness – the spiritual and mental readiness to respond effectively.

Technical skills are important, surely. “But where were the drills to make sure my firefighters were taking care of themselves?” Eric Brenneman asks. He’s a contributor to the In Public Safety blog and a senior curriculum advisor to Yoga For First Responders. Yes, yoga.

“Where were the drills to make sure they were of sound mind to do the job? Where were the drills to help them sleep at night? Where were the drills to ensure they could transition from call to call, or, even more importantly, from work to home? Where were the skills for mental resilience?”

Effective security requires seeing a challenging situation whole, and responding both to the technical and human needs involved in prevailing over it.

We’ve been led in our recent series of posts more to the human than the technical side of security response. There’s a lesson here and we’re pleased to have come upon it. People, even heroic responders, can be worn thin by stress.

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