Doug Bedell — April 24, 2019, 9:44 am

Security Officers Aren’t Stand Around Guards Any Longer

Gone are the days when security officers served simply as guards at banks and other sensitive places. Mark Folmer on notes that security officers are now involved with technology and the additional reach that internet-based communication provides.

“Security officers no longer simply act as ‘watch guards’ — their responsibilities are shifting and as security companies adjust to what makes the next generation of security officers tick, they will find greater success in their efforts to recruit and retain the best talent…

“Now, there’s a new caliber of security professional, who is highly trained and qualified, and expects to see a clear career growth path ahead of them. They want to know that their employer will provide training on how to use the latest technologies and will support ongoing education through partnerships and/or training subsidies aligned with external institutions and licensing bodies.”

It’s not for nothing that the Infowatch post is headlined “Changing of the Guard.”

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