Doug Bedell — May 8, 2019, 1:17 pm

Take Cyber Security Risks for Businesses Seriously

We post a lot about cyber security threats, but here’s an especially important one – cyber security training for the staff of a business, those who have to recognize the possibility that an attack is occurring in the first place. advises: “As a starting point, employers need to work to create an environment that supports the honest reporting of cyber threats and incidents. A shoot the messenger approach will not help the cause!

“Without a supportive environment, when a data breach occurs due to an honest mistake, employees will be reluctant to blow the whistle on themselves, instead possibly hiding the issue whilst they attempt to rectify their mistake before anyone else notices, or worse still, do nothing at all.”

When a cyber attack is suspected, don’t minimize what could be occurring. “Today, the average (business) cyber-attack costs over $1 million.”

There are more words to the wise businessman in this Clearswift post. Cybersecurity is, or should be, a new specialty of the house.

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