Doug Bedell — May 13, 2019, 10:31 am

Royal Canadian Navy Gets Right With Wi-Fi

Oh, the security dilemmas the military can get into. Take, for example, the Royal Canadian Navy. It recognizes that it won’t be recruiting sailors if they can’t bring their cell phones along. So, advises, in designing future ships, Canadian leaders are putting internet connection high on the list.

“We have sailors who’ve grown up in a digital world — they are digital,” Rear Adm. Donovan said at the annual Sea-Air-Space expo near Washington, D.C. “… When they embark on a Canadian surface combatant and we tell them to lock up their phone, they won’t just go ‘OK.’

“They won’t join the navy,” he said. So the Royal Canadian Navy recently lifted its ban on Wi-Fi at sea.

(The U.S. Navy, too, is making its peace with Wi-Fi by providing it as it sails along.)

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