Doug Bedell — May 17, 2019, 10:44 am

Email Security: Practice It As a Speciality Of Its Own

Here, from Securosis, is background on email security – “…email-borne attacks are still a scourge on pretty much every enterprise. That doesn’t mean the industry hasn’t made progress – it’s just that between new attacker tactics and the eternal fallibility of humans clicking on things, we’re arguably in about the same place we’ve been all along.”

“It’s a bit like mixing a cocktail. You can have five different liquors, but knowing the proportions of each liquor to use lets you concoct tasty cocktails. Modern detection is largely about knowing what tactics and techniques to use, and even more about being able to adapt their composition and mixture because attacks always change.”

Read on in the Securosis post to gain insights into effective threat research in e-mail attacks.

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