Doug Bedell — May 22, 2019, 2:31 pm

‘Security’ Rates the Same Priority as ‘Compliance’

It’s not just a word game when “security” gets overridden by “compliance” in the minds of top corporate executives,” a Security magazine writer notes.

“Compliance” has an ever-present priority, while “security” has more of a “maybe” ring to it, not that that should matter.

“Every year,” the Security magazine writer notes, “corporations visit policies and budgets out of fear of noncompliance. Ironically, security directors are almost never included in the discussion, often firewalled from compliance officers if they are even lucky enough to be part of the organization at all.

“This leads me to wonder if, in its purest state, security is a form of compliance…Don’t security professionals assure compliance with corporate policy to protect life and property?”

Security in its purest meaning is the readiness to acknowledge and deflect risk. The fact that it can come into play by “surprise” means only that attentiveness may have been lacking. As the Security magazine post advises in its headline: “Forward Thinking: Joining Forces Between Security and Compliance”.

Let’s all of us with any sway in organizations ensure the priority given to security as well as to compliance. We can never be certain what’s coming, day by day or hour by hour.

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