Doug Bedell — May 24, 2019, 2:52 pm

Computer Data Breaches Leave Us Yearning for Digital Security

Security Infowatch notes
that there’s a “patchwork of state data breach notification statutes, as well as federal laws” that are supposed to promote the security of documents housed on computers. Yet “massive data breaches have gotten more common in the years since these statutes were enacted.”

The “constant drumbeat” of news about about hacking “has made most consumers numb to the risk”. What to do? Well, the Infowatch writer recommends that “Congress should create a single, federal data breach law that incorporates a reasonable risk of harm standard.” It’s hard to believe that this area isn’t already a federal preserve, but apparently it’s not.

When computer security is handled so haphazardly, the hackers likely rejoice and the rest of us can only bemoan the apparent digital foot-dragging that’s been occurring. Leave breaches to the states? Come on!

The lack of pertinent, orderly priorities in Washington, as well as the states, leaves us yearning for political attentiveness that keeps in step with the times.

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