Doug Bedell — June 19, 2019, 11:53 am

Responding To Police Officer Morale Problems

The security of communities depends heavily on the presence of police officers but “many police agencies,” notes In Public Safety, are experiencing a major shortage of officers. “In the United States, the total number of sworn police officers has dropped by about 23,000 men and women since 2013, according to a National Public Radio report.”

It appears, explains the report, that recruiting new police officers is the issue, “which underscores the importance of increasing the organizational commitment of the officers that police departments have on their payrolls.”

How to do that? Supervisory support of police and opportunities for career development are of key importance. “Another important step in increasing policing organizational commitment is to recognize any changes in officers’ behavior early. For example, a former high-performing officer who is now exhibiting changes in work behavior, attitude or motivation may be suffering from burnout, problems at home, or mental health problems.”

Recognizing that police officers can have a morale problem is a place to start. In Public Safety has advised on this subject before. And here as well.

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