Doug Bedell — June 24, 2019, 12:31 pm

Considering School Security ‘Guardian’ Programs

Here, on, is a discussion of creating armed school Guardian programs. They take the complexities of school protection tactics a notch further.

“Not unlike the rational utilized by other states who choose to implement a Guardian program, the Florida Senate Bill analysis states that,’…The bill improves school security measures by expanding school district options and eligibility for participation in the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program’. In other words, the reasoning for arming selected employees is an asserted linkage between armed staff and faculty, and improved campus security. As a result, for decision makers in the education field who must take into consideration a variety of options as to the value and risks of a Guardian program, arming teachers and staff is a true dilemma. Below are seven considerations that can help campus administrators as they weigh the decision making process to implement a Guardian program…”

There’s more, and the options should be thoroughly understood before deciding on launching a school Guardian program.

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