Doug Bedell — June 26, 2019, 12:02 pm

Security Enhanced By Academic Learning

Eric W. Adams on In Public Safety reports on how choosing the right set of instructors and coursework added to his is proficiency in security, in his case intelligence work.

“In one of my early graduate classes, INTL501 Strategic Intelligence,” Adams explains, “the professor focused on strategic intelligence analysis and assessments of nation states around the world. Since I was professionally interested in Russia, I became focused on learning about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s focus on increasing and sustaining Russian ideals by resurrecting the nation’s past efforts and visions of Russian prowess, and repairing damage done after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Choosing appropriate coursework usually supplements shoe-leather experience, and that’s true in security studies, too. Adams, who has master’s degree in Intelligence Operations, explains how his his focus on Russian studies “translated to more patience and thoroughness in my professional work, which has led to a more comprehensive understanding as I assess indicators” in daily rounds.

In other words, choose your security interest and learn all you can about it – it can’t hurt.

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