Doug Bedell — June 28, 2019, 11:42 am

Keyless Locks Can Pose a Security RiskToo

It looks appealing to have a door lock that doesn’t open with a key, but beware of keyless smart locks, advises ThreatPost.

“Ultraloq is a Bluetooth fingerprint and touchscreen door lock sold for about $200.” ThreatPost reports. “It allows a user to use either fingerprints or a PIN for local access to a building. Ultraloq also has an app that can be used locally or remotely for access.

“When Pen Test Partners, with help from researchers identified as @evstykas and @cybergibbons, took a closer look they found Ultraloq was riddled with vulnerabilities…

Read on in the post to find how digital security can be thwarted in keyless locks.

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