Doug Bedell — July 3, 2019, 3:56 pm

Digital License Plates Are Arriving, Along With Privacy Concerns

You’re seeing it here, if not first, at least an early edition – digital license plates are arriving. They’re legal now in three states – California, Michigan and Arizona – and are pricey to maintain. But that should change as more states allow them. provides this news.

“Developers say digital plates utilize “advanced telematics” – to collect tolls, pay for parking and send out Amber Alerts when a child is abducted. They also help recover stolen vehicles by changing the display to read ‘Stolen,’ thereby alerting everyone within eyeshot…”

But, of course, as with anything digital “there are privacy concerns about ‘smart’ plates that transmit over the air and store personal data”. Ah well, that’s being worked on and transmission day may not be that far off for your car.

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