Doug Bedell — July 5, 2019, 11:00 am

‘Smart Homes’ Will Be Doing Everything But Hovering

Here’s a look at a home of the very near future that will be not only secure, but electronically smart. Security InfoWatch shows us what Resideo has been doing to provide smart homes.

“First,” the post explains, “you have a network of piping that distributes water around the home and Buoy and some other water leak technologies we have in our portfolio now help protect against any kind of serious or catastrophic leaks,” Harkins explains.

“The second network we think of as duct work and how air moves around and is distributed throughout the home. Air is what makes people comfortable and, by the way, indoor air quality is a key component of health and we are already a leader in that space with lots of damper controls, venting, air filtration products, etc.

“The third network is the copper wires that run throughout a house in the electric network and how energy is transmitted through a home. The acquisition of the energy management asset from Whisker Labs really helps us to create new and interesting energy management and control (products) within the home.”

Who would ever want to leave such a smart domicle?

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