Doug Bedell — July 13, 2019, 9:42 am

Maitaining Corporate IT Security: A Vexing Challenge

Protection against computer security attacks is becoming daunting for corporate IT managers, Danny Bradbury advises on the Naked Security blog. This after a survey of 3,100 IT managers across 12 countries.

“According to the survey, two out of three organizations (68%) suffered a cyber attack in 2018 that they were unable to prevent from entering their network. Nine out of 10 (91%) said they were running up-to-date cybersecurity protection at the time…

“The inability to fend off increasingly complex attacks worries companies because of its potential implications. Data loss was the number one concern for 31% of respondents, followed by cost and damage to the business, which were the biggest concerns for 21% of people.”

So, corporate people with IT security concerns have lots of company. To find out more about what IT managers think, read the full survey.

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