Doug Bedell — July 19, 2019, 1:00 pm

Vehicles Shared Via Card Readers Rather Than Keys

Increasingly, vehicles are being equipped with mobile access control systems, meaning you don’t need a key to open them but a card reader instead. They’re likely to have shared drivers from time to time. That won’t affect the utility of vehicle barriers where they’re needed but it points to the changing nature of driving. Call it shared mobility, suggests the tapkey blog.

Says tapkey, “a blog for smart access control”: “A study from PWC says that by 2030 more than one in three kilometers driven will be based on one of the many forms of shared driving. With all the changes, many companies and services have come to provide smart and convenient solutions to the modern connected world. And here’s the reason why mobile access control has to be part of it!

“Sandra Phillips opened up a discussion of how the future of car sharing hardware will look like. She mentioned that most car sharing vehicles have a card reader attached to the windshield for members to swipe their membership card and enter their vehicle. But today every car sharing provider has its own app to book vehicles and often also to unlock the vehicle. So, why is there still a card reader attached to the windshield? ²

“Using your smartphone instead of a card to unlock the vehicle, is the way to go.”

Well, entering the future means things change, behind steering wheels as well as anyplace else.

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