Doug Bedell — August 5, 2019, 12:26 pm

Ambulance Teams Get Relief Via a New Medical Model

Pressure on ambulance companies is being lowered by a new style of medical care, the Community Paramedicine Model, the In Public Safety blog reports.

“The Community Paramedicine Model is similar to that used by the Visiting Nurse Association”, the post advises. “Many patients will call 911 for transportation to the nearest hospital emergency department because they are unable to see their primary care doctor or they have no other way to get to the ER.

“The Community Paramedicine Model turned this issue on its head when it started sending out teams of medical providers to patients at home to check on them on a regular basis. This has led to improved patient care and has also kept patients out of the emergency department, freeing up resources for emergency medical services.”

Ambulances are for true emergencies; health care is for all, is the principle underlying this new approach to community medicine.

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