Doug Bedell — August 30, 2019, 1:16 pm

Suicides Plague the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force, Homeland Security advises, has a suicide crisis. The post is written by Wes O’Donnell, a veteran of the U.S. Army and Air Force,1997-2007.

“Since 2010, almost 1,000 airmen have committed suicide,” he writes. “As of August 1, 78 airmen have killed themselves, up from 50 at the same time last year. The USAF is on track to lose 150 service members or more this year to suicide.”

O’Donnell goes on to present ideas “from enlisted airmen to squadron, group and wing commanders” on what might be done to lessen the incidence of suicides in the Air Force. May they be done, and prove effective.

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