Doug Bedell — September 4, 2019, 9:38 am

School Districts Increasingly the Target of Hacker Attacks

Computer hackers have been turning to educational institutions and school systems to enter and disturb, SecurityInfowatch advises.

“Educational institutions have become one of the top ten lists of preferred hacking targets,” the post notes, “joining the ranks of popular targets like finance (Capital One, Equifax), retail (Target), manufacturing and transportation. As a sector known for tight budgets and limited technical staffs, it was somewhat inevitable cybercriminals would increase targeting of school data, seeing a relatively weaker universe of potential targets.”

InfoWatch lists security measures school systems can take against hackers, including engaging students to become part of the Cyber Defense Team. “IT can work with teachers and administrators to help students understand school data breaches affect them personally and can cause great harm to their peers and their school.”

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