Doug Bedell — September 18, 2019, 11:50 am

The State of our World: Increasingly Less Secure

The security outlook for the world’s future isn’t all that encouraging, advises a new report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

“The report defines the authoritarian-corruption nexus as ‘the growing convergence of licit and illicit state and non-state actors that facilitates and launders the profits of illegal activity, reinforcing the strength and survival of authoritarian systems of governance everywhere.”

In other words, strong, largely unaccountable leaders have more leeway for mischief.

“All of our enemies are authoritarian regimes…but not all authoritarian regimes are enemies,” Fuller, a fellow said. “We have a lot of authoritarian regimes that we’re friendly with, and that’s okay, but that’s no reason to simply turn a blind eye to the corruption that exists in those countries that’s feeding this nexus.”

The import of the Homeland 411 post is that the world’s security climate is worsening, not great news at all.

(Photo: The North Korean Palace)

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