Doug Bedell — September 23, 2019, 4:08 pm

Security: A Discipline We’ve All Got to Take Seriously

We find this theme arising with increasing frequency: From the Security Magazine blog – “The government cannot do for organizations that which they will not do for themselves.” And it’s underlined.

Yes, security is a discipline, one that needs to start with anyone responsible for the safety of others and the safekeeping of property.

When an organization has an inadequate security program,” the post continues, “they are taking a ‘security by chance’ versus a ‘security by design’ approach to protecting their employees and customers. Anything less than a durable ‘security by design’ approach is dangerous and unacceptable.”

The post was provided in the context of the mass shootings that have occurred recently. It goes on to suggest a number of priorities that the nation can take to heighten responsibility for security: Public/Private Partnerships, Enact Meaningful Legislation, ‘Red Flag’ Laws, and dealing with Mental Health and Mental Illness.

Such a tall order, but we’ve got to get with it.

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