Doug Bedell — October 4, 2019, 11:34 am

Security Risks from Spammers Growing on the Internet

Security InfoWatch provides a run-through of the growing threat of identity fraud on the Internet. This potentially costly offense involves an e-mail messenger or website intruder who identifies his purported business or identity as legitimate when they’re not. Call them fraudsters, and watch out.

“According to Experian,” InfoWatch advises, “more than two in five consumers worldwide have experienced fraudulent activity online, and 55 percent of businesses globally have reported losses due to online fraud in the last 12 months. The World Economic Forum classes identity fraud and theft as one of the top five global risks for 2019.

“In 2018, an upswing in data breaches affected many big-name companies. In most cases, these attacks garnered huge fines, along with a loss of both revenue and consumer confidence.”

A lot of dire information is provided on the risks and costs of data breaches to individuals and businesses. It’s a growing trend, so be sure you know who you’re dealing with as you’re pursuing your compter’s screen.

Three of the top defenses are to “Manage access and login controls effectively, Keep software and security systems up to date, and to Monitor firewalls and other security software constantly.”

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