Doug Bedell — October 7, 2019, 3:06 pm

Police, Like the Rest of Us, Should Be Wary of Social Media

Police officers (not just police officers, actually) have reason to be cautious of how they present themselves on social media these days, advises InPublicSafety in a post, “Six Ways to Avoid Discipline: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide”.

“Activities on social media,” the post advises police officers, “can have a huge effect on how you as a law enforcement officer are viewed by your agency, the court system and, of course, the public. Posting certain pictures, comments, or opinions can subject you to discipline from your superiors.

“You are entitled to your own opinions and thoughts, but posting them on social media could get you in trouble if they violate your agency’s policies or the laws of the land. Never post opinions about race, religion, sex, gender, politics, or the law on social media because they all can be viewed by the public. Even if you have a private account, your posts are still accessible and viewable.”

This is good advice, actually, for anyone (working or retired) fixing to post on Facebook, Twitter or the rest of the social media sites.

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