Doug Bedell — September 12, 2007, 1:24 pm

Central Command Centers Catching on in Buildings

Today’s Facility Manager reports on a trend to establish Building Operations Centers (BOCs) to consolidate administrative, engineering and security systems at one location in sensitive buildings, so that monitoring can be done centrally.

“Until the recent past,” the magazine advises, “most facility management departments have resided in relatively basic office spaces. Meanwhile, the ‘guts’ of the facility were located elsewhere, with the security office overseeing cameras and access control, and the engineer’s office controlling HVAC systems. The facility management office has largely been an administrative location.

“This separation of functions may have worked well in the past, but increasingly complex facilities and security threats have motivated many professionals to implement a more comprehensive approach” – BOCs.

The BOC approach has its origins in the military. The Pentagon, Today’s Facility Manager notes, has always had a central operations center. But the concept is certainly worth considering in terms of economics, professionalism and safety for buildings at potential risk. Read on in the magazine…

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