Doug Bedell — October 31, 2019, 1:12 pm

Security Isn’t Necessarily in the Palm of One’s Hand

Ensuring security in an office setting is one thing; in the palm of an employee’s hand with a mobile device is another, and harder, matter. DarkReading says it’s a special challenge in employee relations, one requiring digital partnerships in workplaces.

“Developing this partnership begins with convincing users they’re an important part of business security. Depending on the industry, that could include training on regulations as they apply to mobile devices, education from cyber insurance companies, and presentations from intellectual property attorneys.

“Once employees are on board, what specific actions should be encouraged? We went looking for best practices across the Internet, and eight kept showing up. It’s important to note that only two of them require products or services that aren’t included with most mobile devices. Two of the tips involve user behavior. And the other four are all about using features of the mobile device or operating system in the most secure manner possible.”

So for security guidance: Never assume that security everywhere is self-evident to everyone.

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