Doug Bedell — December 4, 2019, 11:38 am

Hackers Getting a ‘Second Wind’…

Computer hackers have been on a roll, so successful in 2019 that, Security Infowatch reports, they’ll “look to build on the success they’ve reaped thus far from ransomware, phishing and other schemes with new and varied approaches to cyber fraud in 2020.”

So the digital new year may not be such a happy one. Infowatch is quoting Experian on that dire digital security prospect. So what to do?

“We still see employees as the weakest link in organizations’ cybersecurity defenses because of the technology, especially with artificial intelligence, that’s being used to detect patterns, to be able to scan logs and look at all the necessary intrusions,” he says. “Where we see the fall, or the cracks are in social engineering with administrators and employees getting fooled.”

So be on the lookout as you hit the keyboard in 2020.

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