Doug Bedell — January 3, 2020, 1:16 pm

Focused on the Web, Don’t Overlook Physical Access Control

With a growing focus on cyber, or computer, security in 2020, don’t overlook the risks of physical security as well, Vidya Muthukrishnan advises on The Last Watchdog blog. (We’d include the control of vehicle access to sensitive locations too_)

“Traditional examples of physical security,” Ms. Muthukrishnan notes, “include junction boxes, feeder pillars, and CCTV security cameras. But the challenges of implementing physical security are much more problematic than they were previously. Laptops, USB drives, and smartphones can all store sensitive data that can be stolen or lost. Organizations have the daunting task of trying to safeguard data and equipment that may contain sensitive information about users.” Not to mention vehicles that could be used to intrude.

So, Ms. Muthukrishnan continues, “Physical security is undoubtedly as important as cybersecurity. Analysis should be performed to identify the vulnerable parts of the network. The study should include an envelope of crime reports, natural calamities, weather conditions, and the movement of intruders. These analyses are then forwarded to the administrative control, are prioritized, and then preventive measures can be taken.”

Including, we’d add, vehicle access control barriers where advisable.

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