Doug Bedell — March 4, 2020, 9:18 am

For Good Security, Stop ‘Door Propping’

Security starts with the little things – like quitting the use of door proppers, advises Paul Timm on

“In fact, I have cataloged an ever-increasing array of propping devices (wood wedges, bricks, chairs, rocks, ropes, etc.) in a PowerPoint presentation I call ‘Im-PROP-er Access Control’. Photos of these propping devices elicit knowing laughs and head nods of commiseration. Exterior door props are probably the most common vulnerability I encounter while conducting physical security assessments,” Timm writes.

Managers should be training staff members on the “little things”, like the fact that keeping access control doors properly shut is a requirement.

But just in case, Timm writes, “You can install door position switches that will issue a notification if a door has been open for a designated amount of time.”

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