Doug Bedell — March 16, 2020, 1:42 pm

A Perverse Security Moment: Coronavirus Sets Us Apart

With coronavirus, we’re at a moment now – may it be a short one – when security means separation. In Homeland Security muses on that theme: “The threat of coronavirus is actually creating physical and emotional distance. It’s caused people to stockpile food and stay home. It’s caused employers to close offices, schools to cancel class, cities to ban large gatherings and even churches to shut their doors. This social distancing is vital to stemming the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, but runs contrary to the purpose of our infrastructural systems. Our infrastructure—including everything from mass transit systems and roads to buildings and structures to utilities and power grids to railways and waterways—is intended to connect people and enable the movement and accessibility of information, goods and services.”

True indeed. But in the face of a “biological disaster”, we’ve got to turn away from togetherness and retreat to a degree of wary separation. And that might last for a while.

(The In Homeland Security post explores these alternative realities. It was written by Remington Tonar and Ellis Talton from Forbes “and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.”)

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