Doug Bedell — August 13, 2010, 8:40 am

Can’t Hurt, Might Help: A Bookish Approach to Risk

We’re not in the book reviewing business (unless, of course, you want to secure a library). But here’s a new book that provides grounding in perceptions of risk, where everything begins in the security business.

How Risky Is It, Really? Why Our Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts, by David Ropeik, looks like a good introduction to evaluating risk. Ropeik is a veteran risk consultant and Bruce Schneier says “if you want a well-organized guide to the current research on risk perception all in one place, this pretty close to the perfect book.”

When you start thinking systematically about risk, you sometimes come up with insights you wouldn’t expect. This looks like a good place to hone that discipline.

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